Angela Linderman

Was sacrificed by Shiro Nagai in a Dark Ritual

Despite Angela's initial lack of preparatory skills, clumsiness, and poor personal organization abilities, she outlived several uncareful survivors, and all other contacted nurse practitioners, including those with better skills and qualifications. She placed a deadly bullet into Elijah London, resulting in becoming his slayer. Since then, Angela bandaged countless wounds and helped survivors through these hard months. Few can claim to not have had her hands laid on their ailing bodies. Through sheer charisma, discipline, knowledge of medical arts, and obsession with cleanliness and order, Angela masked her personal poor skills and convinced many survivors in her competence. Doctor Shiro Nagai believes her to be a mystically touched persona with supernatural resilience, due to her claimed immunity to a bite of an infected. A theory yet to be tested through time, although her chances are not looking good...

Angela did surprisingly well til early April, she was the last surviving nurse, dedicated, professional, and compensated for her lacking traits and vulnerabilities with extra caution. She was sensitive to weather and disease, so always tried to dress well, she was disorganized, so she planned bigger spaces. Having very thin skin and fine complection, she avoided heavy combat, and used scouting methods and stealth to get around the woods and the cities. Never the less, developing skills with a pistol and a police baton, she put down a very impressive and formidable amount of 763 infected. Angela set up several medical relief clinics, in every survivor camp she visited. Finding an in tact ambulance car with a key, she acted as a mobile and field nurse for a while, and started medical charts for all survivors. She affected many, and tried to teach everyone good self care and hygene. She taught Tyler about confidence, told Ishida to quit smoking, told Marla to go easy on the drinking, and tried to work with Chris and Penny on their issues. Not everyone agreed with the uptight and authoritative nurse, but as the only long surviving nurse, she patched up wounds like nobody else could, and gained a good amount of respect from others, even being referred to as Angela-sensei. A teacher. Some tension arose between her, Burt, and Ishida, when during a helicopter raid on the lodge in March, the two men escaping the helicopter in cars ran into each other causing a hilarious head on collision. That turned Angela into an even more tightly wound and obsessively strict person. Angela also gained notoriety on the occult side of things. She was bitten twice, and the first time she got lucky and fought off the infection, which was before deemed impossible. This, got her to be referred to by Shiro as the Mystic Nurse Angela, the Chosen by Shiryo Mother. However, Angela was not so lucky with her second and final bite. Angela's demise was a long slow burn of a story, when during the 20 day long rainstorm she was tending to her duties at Rob Langdon's lodge, home to Ishida, Kruger, and Tyler. A second USMC Helicopter raid had them surrounded with the infected, and, having to flee through the window, Angela twisted her ankle and got caught from behind, and bitten. Angela had the privilege of not being instantly devoured. Her infection flowed slowly. Angela used heavy medication, food, and a good routine, to manage to live for a month after being infected. She got to say her goodbyes and maintain dignity. To her very last day, every moment of lucidity she spent caring for others and being a medic to the end, annoiting Penny Arnold as her successor, and doing a knowledge transfer best she could. She also put in work on decoding radio communications between the USMC helicopters and their base, trying to determine the location of Patient Zero, and finally meeting her. After a brief examination of Lisa Gray, Angela left notes, and preliminary designs for a vaccine. But moments of lucidity came fewer and further between, eventually Angela was confined to the med bay, dependent on meds and unable to travel. Still, she worked on a research for the cure. Post infection, Angela's personality started to change, she became more weepy, paranoid, upset, and depressed, even hopeless. More and more often she called out to Brendan, and thought of suicide, and eventually turned to the Occult for answers. Teaming up with Shiro, she agreed to do his ritual of merging the worlds and summonning The Mother. In secret, she planned to assassinate Shiro, and learn the science hidden in his dark art during the ritual. She hid a pistol in her corset. However, during the ritual, all her planning was sabotaged by the infection, which opened her to be susceptible to whatever went on in that Temple. Both Angela and Shiro met a violent end in the flames, but not before she unloaded a .45 pistol into Dr. Nagai, claiming his life before his body burned. Angela herself perished in a sacrificial fire. Having killed Quell and Shiro, Angela currently holds the highest PvP kill count of the season. Angela holds survivor rank #6 in the top 6, killed by Shiro Nagai, and followed by him only by a mere few seconds.