Anna Kovacz

151 Hours Survived
134 Zombies Killed

Green scrubs, yellow vest, jean shorts and boots. Her accent was thick and barely understandable. Her first encounter was with Mister Kruger, when she banged on his door and he told her to piss off. So she prowled Rosewood, avoiding use of vehicles to make no noise. Her big shtick was germaphobia. Back when the water was on, she washed her hands all the time, and all her clothes were always clean. Power and water going out really must have shook her mental balance. The second time I met her she had an entirely different outfit. Camo vest, police shirt, camo shorts, hard hat helmet. Surprisingly nothing was ever torn or bloody. Made me look like a piece of shit. Armed with a magnum revolver, fire axe, and a sawn off shotgun, she stayed for a while at Rosewood construction site and ran into a friendly neighbor. Having finished reading her books on first aid, mechanics, fishing, and tailoring, she went outside in response to some noise, and..... Well. I think this takes a record. I don't think I've seen anyone that fucked up and still combative and bandaged. Her vest did not hold, and revealed the black goth clothing beneath the unassuming scrubs. No wonder she was such a badass. With an impressive first aid skill 5, sneaking 4, and a count of 436 kills, Anna departed this life. She left us this sweet fire axe. Now she joins the disgusting dirty bloodsoaked hordes to live out her germaphobia forever as a zombie.