Barry Barnes

Died to Zombie Horde during Raid on USMC Facility

There wasn't anyone who met Barry who didn't like him. A lovable drunkard who easily connected with everyone he met and loved to grab a beer with friends. When Chris Burt shot down the USMC helicopter, it crashed in the woods in a secret military facility. Barry rushed over to loot the remains, and found weapons and uniform of one of the killed flight crew marines. He teamed up with Chris and assisted him in the exploration of the wreck site, where the two ran into Lt. Mervin Ladigan, fleeing after a brief shootout.

Shortly after Chris asked the team for assistance. Ishida, Penny, Chris, and Barry stormed the military research facility in hopes of finding answers about Patient Zero and the USMC agenda, but were overrun by the infected, as everyone in the facility turned, soldiers, patients, and scientists alike. Covering the overwhelmed team, Barry died a hero, his trusty crowbar at his side, he bought the others time to flee. An honorary bar in his name was built at House Murdoch, Barry's Bar, where his friends have a drink to remember him.