Ms. Burton is a journalist with Kentucky Tribune, doing an analysis colulmn as a first correspondent on the Muldraugh outbreak. Working out of the privacy of the small home, she takes precautions against the infection, but realizing she may be immune, is starting to take cautious trips out to the store to sustain herself. A few hours in, she realizes that life as she knows it is over, and she may be very well all alone. How can she find other people, tell her story, and who will even care? Is it all over now?

Not having managed to supply herself properly for the hard winter of cursed pandemic ahead, Bella ran out of food and clean water and had to go foraging with her limited experience about edible things in the forest and wild surroundings. The tainted water, combined with a weak stomach, panic, a lack of an axe to cut wood with, and simply getting lost, was what ultimately did her in. Desperate, not having found anything to eat in the woods, Bella ventured to the city in blind hunger, abandoning caution. She did not prevail against a group of infected, once that swinging arm got tired and the feet could barely walk.

The journalist got to tell a story after all. A cautionary one, about being prepared. In her last minutes of life she spotted a radio van, which she was able to start and drive for as long as her body let her, attempting to reach other survivors on a broadband frequency. It is through Bella's tragic death and sacrifice, that the radio van Elizabeth used - got out of the hands of the infected who'd overrun Muldraugh.

Bella's legacy bridged the other survivors together and her mission was continued by those after her.