Raymond Ortega

83 Hours Survived
185 Zombies Killed

Deadly with short blade, specializing in dual hunting knives, and sporting a modest 187 zombie kills, he wore a double holster with two pistols, a cool fedora, and a hitman's suit. With a dream to become a Gas Baron, he lucked out on finding a sledge hammer, and came up with a brilliant plan. Draining all vehicles of gasoline, and monopolizing gas so he can later sell it. Attempting to temper with operation of a certain gas station, he swung the hammer a bit too hard and drew attention of a horde hiding nearby. He fought for his life valiantly, but a sledgehammer does not make for a quick weapon. An adept superb of short blade, he lacked the skill with a heavy long blunt. His going away present has made us all a little more desperate and a little shorter on gas.