Christopher Burt

Escaped by Helicopter

Christopher Burt, once a starry eyed idealist who volunteered with the peacekeepers, became a husk of the man he was those 7 months prior. He sacrificed his humanity for survival, and only stopped to regret it when reality came crushing down on him. In exchange for never taking physical injury, he suffered extreme and irreparable damage to his psyche, forever to be haunted by those 7 months.

In the end, he waited weeks to extract Patient Zero. But learning that she wasn't coming, and mistaking a fellow survivor breaking into his home as the military finally finding him, he chose to finally cut off what had been causing his stress. He loaded supplies onto the helicopter he painstakingly reconstructed after downing it from the sky, and took to the skies once again. He left everyone within the purgatory of the Knox Exclusion Zone, and only took himself and precious supplies out. Where exactly he went, and what exactly he will do, is still to be learnt.


Chris Burt was originally a member of a UN Peacekeeping unit sent to oversee and perform peacekeeping missions in and around the city of Louisville, Kentucky during the initial outbreak. As unrest and infection spread through the city, and remaining military forces in the city dwindled, Sgt. Burt was forced to move deeper into Knox County and away from the mindless infected that swarmed Louisville. Although he now lacks any government support for his mission, Sgt. Burt continues to attempt to assist survivors in the area, and aims to eventually consolidate enough people to properly fight back against the infection however possible.