Eliza Waters

567 Hours Survived
2257 Zombies Killed

After spending some time at the manor, Eliza felt she had to live on her own again. She was never really integrated in this group of dazzling personalities. Social contact brought more and more problems. When several people died and some strange things happened, Eliza didn’t feel safe around the house. It seemed to her like a golden cage. The only person she really had a deeper emotional connection was penny. But in the same time the relationship between her and Ishida showed her how lonely she was. Back at her house in the woods, with everything she needed, her beautiful garden, the fireplace and plenty of animals she hunted, dark clouds appeared on the horizon. On a sunny afternoon in July, an armed guy came up the alleyway to her house. He pointed a gun on her and shouted something about a girl named Lisa Gray. Eliza knew who he was looking for, but didn’t even think about telling this aggressive guy anything. So she challenged her luck, jumped over the nearby fence and fired two shots with her hunting rifle and hit him…