Elizabeth Cooper

523 Hours Survived
1005 Zombies Killed

After learning from Chris Burt that the UN does not plan a Knox County evacuation, and that the sergeant is here on his own, she became passionate to find a way to take down the USMC helicopters monitoring the area, which draw hordes towards survivors, but never land to assist. In the end, she decided to clean up West Point on her own and go north, taking from Marla's ammunition and weapons. The best and last decision she made. Elizabeth's goal was to try to clear a route to Louisville, where the industrial district was known to produce enough materials for crafting propellable explosives, aiming to assist Sgt. Burt in the mission. Perhaps she bit a bit more than she could chew, and the infected chewed on her instead. Will someone find her high-range communication dish and take up the radio mantle? Will it be the Burton-Cooper show now?