Irvin Gray

USMC Colonel Irvin Conway Gray is a shrewd and manipulative looming presence, appearing to be in charge of Patient Zero project, and instrumental in overthrowing and division of the USA after the 1993 Apocalypse. His alleged known appearances are: Maryland, Miramar Florida, New Orleans Louisiana, Atlantic City, NJ, and Pentagon.

He is the every day colonel, the antagonistic colonel, the "you can't handle the truth" guy, the "get it done" guy, the "let's burn the forest down" guy, the "I have the hostages" guy. He "does whatever it takes", hates negotiating with terrorists, and loves "the smell of napalm in the morning".

Morally gray, just like his last name suggests, he is not above lying, cheating, and exploiting people to accomplish his goals, but there is definitely a grain of honesty, decency, humanity, and honor in his code of conduct. If hypocrisy is your cup of tea, that is.