Lisa Gray

17 years old. Supposedly immune to the virus. Hardly any memories of her past life.

Lisa was found stranded near the drop site of one of the parachutes that emerged from the shot down USMC helicopter. Although she could not tell anyone why she was with the marines and where they were taking her, it rapidly became clear that Lisa had been kept captive and under heavy sedation for a long time.

Lisa remembers her mother, with key moments usually coming back to her during times of similar experiences she can recall. She has not expressed any memories of a father, although there is one Colonel Irvin Gray, working with the military, who claims to have been her caretaker since she was 10 years old.

Now, Lisa lives at the Manor, thriving under Penny's and Ishida's care. Several attempts made by USMC to recover their lost test subject have already been foiled, be it through words and persuasion, or missiles and shotgun shells. Lisa is important to the survivors, as she may hold the missing key to a cure. To them, there is no effort too great for keeping her safe.