Maiwen Shi

Maiwen is a Taiwanese medical doctor specializing in emergency medicine and intensive care who found herself in Kentucky when her and her closest friend and colleague Dr. Saphira Tsui flew in from Europe for a medical convention. They managed to make it through the first few days of the convention, attending different research panels, but being sure to spend part of their days exploring the city, treating part of the convention as a mini-vacation in America.

During a break for a new year's celebration, Mai and Saphira decided to rent a car and drove towards Fort Knox, when something exploded, flipping the car and knocking both women unconscious. Mai woke up hung inside the car by her seatbelt in time to see two canisters bounce on the pavement close by, emitting a thick gas, quickly rending her unconscious once again. The next day or so, Mai was in and out of consciousness; heavily sedated. Each time, she woke to blackness; struggling to breathe in the black bag that had been fastened to her head, her hands bound in front of her. She could hear the thumping of a helicopter, the sound of rain hitting a car's windshield, and men talking through radios. During her time imprisoned and under control of the military, Maiwen was transferred to various remote military bases where she was held captive and forced to do research relating to the virus along with many familiar faces from the convention, including her friend Saphira.

Maiwen is soft spoken and shy to those she is not familiar with, but as she gets to know people, a sarcastic, funny, and fun loving girl who loves to dance breaks out of the shell of the previously restrained girl. Trusting by nature, she struggles in this new world as she discovered there are more people out to kill or imprison her rather than help her. Thus, she is quiet and observant in new surroundings. She appears youthful; in her late twenties; but is wise well beyond her years. She is stubborn, headstrong, and confident, working well under pressure as her profession requires. Maiwen has long black hair and extremely expressive deep brown eyes. She is curious and inquisitive, wanting and willing to learn as much as she can about any little thing.