Marla Murdoch

2467 Hours Survived
17620 Zombies Killed

Those who knew Marla Murdoch (nee' Bandman) will recall her as a legend. She was described a self appointed sheriff, an iron widow, a demon of West Point, a femme fatale, a hurricane, a samurai, other things. Above all, she was a faithful widow and a loyal friend.

Marla's friends will recall her entertaining guests, pouring wine by the fountains full, lounging in the lawn chairs, playing old biker songs on a guitar and Mozart on piano, telling stories about horses and old ranch life, remembering the Knox County locals and old timers of the past days. She knew everyone from judge to commissioner through her late fire marshal and later on sheriff husband Stanford and his father Randolph. and had stories about every one.

Marla's friends will also recall a methodical, decisive, ruthless zombie slayer, stubborn and void of hesitation, confident in her abilities, and a capable survivor, master herbalist, and expert stalker. By night and by day, she was out patrolling the county and the forest areas, stacking up corpses by the thousands, talented with knives, a sword, revolver, shotgun, and rifle. Hell, any item or tool became a weapon in the Iron Widow's hands. She drove through the county in her husband's black 1989 Corvette Stingray, and many swallowed hard and said their 'uh-oh's when she put on her hat and started that engine, zooming out of the garage to bring death somewhere.

Marla's friends will also remember a bandaged up bruised and bleeding mess, spending days and days on end covered in wounds in the medical bay, crying, drinking herself to sleep, staring at herself in near suicidal drunken stupor in the mirror, nude in the privacy of her lavish room, masturbating with a cold barrel of a revolver, fantasizing about being with her husband again.

Marla lived with Bella Burton, Elizabeth Cooper, Angela Linderman, Ruby Reece, Eliza Waters, Penny Arnold, Ishida Tatsuya, Tyler Rexford, Lisa Gray, and David Warner at the Murdoch Manor in West Point, where she maintained her bubble of safety in denial of the imminent coming of a New World Order.

But the denial could not last. The world of the zombie apocalypse is stronger and greater than any hero. One by one Marla lost all her friends, watched them vanish into the outside, despite her protests and urges to stay safe at home, until she was left alone, sole survivor from her original circle. The last, heaviest, and most bitter loss was that of her best friend since the apocalypse Elizabeth Cooper, an attorney with whom she grew tight, although never agreed, and the two often argued about safety and meaning.

After Elizabeth's passing, Marla started developing feelings for Sergeant Christopher Burt, but upon seeing his lack of interest, buried them and moved on, accepting her permanence as a lonesome widow for the rest of her life.

Then, what was left of all the other survivor circles consolidated in her home.

But no death touched Marla as deeply as that of Tyler Rexford, due to it being directly her fault, and her witnessing it, and not being equipped to actively help.

Upon Tyler's death, Marla's inner world was shaken and the glass of her heart cracked. The bubble started collapsing, and her mind was put under immense pressure that nobody could understand. In the supportive words of others, she heard only emptiness, placating, and manipulation. Marla did not believe that anyone knows what the fuck they are talking about, and only she has the true plan for survival. That did not get better when Marla started to fail against the growing hordes. She attempted suicide multiple times, but could not follow through, due to feeling responsibility to help others survived. Joy of memories, music, and dancing, glimpses of the old world, were not enough to stave off her crushing death wish and the need to reconnect with her husband's soul. She let Eliza cut her hair and tore up the blue dress, while giving away her favorite red dress to Lisa, to distance herself from the femininity, although it periodically begged to break back through, and eventually she let the hair grow back and started to resemble a woman again. A softness which eventually cost her her life.

With the constantly maintained illusion of the Old World shattered, it was impossible to continue living as if the apocalypse has not happened while also being the front liner to keep the happy couple and their baby safe.

Then came the death of Angela Linderman in Doctor Shiro's horror show ritual, and Marla heard the ghosts just once, threatening to become her and take over her body. That further deteriorated Marla's mind and prevented her from getting good sleep without getting drunk. But the façade had to be maintained. Leadership was assumed and placed in her hands.

Marla developed her own, traumatic and deranged penance-driven sort of dogma:

"The world has given us a new natural enemy, one that does not sleep, rest, tire, or feel pain, we must adapt. We must become a new breed of animal, one who can go without food and comfort, a creature made to endure and survive, who can thrive on hardship. Tissue will heal, bone will mend, the muscle must move, the body must do the work. If the swinging arm is swinging, the body did its job. We must become a monster."

She did not bother arguing about it with others too much, she simply did what she wanted and what she believed she needed to do.

Resenting the role of "Auntie Marla" reserved and imagined for her by others, and refusing to take a spot in a polyamorous harem structure lifestyle of the one remaining prominent man, she put herself fully into work as a warrior, each day spent in peaceful company, urging her further into the hordes and violence. This newly found self worth produced a new mind inside the Murdoch Widow, a thing that took a life of its own. Conditioning her body to become a killing machine, she took upon a slayer's dogma, volunteering to uphold the law in Knox County and taking down dangers, while fulfilling the various missions.

Above all, she cherished the Murdoch Manor, into which she transformed Bella Burton's old villa home, a beacon for survivors on the river coast of West Point. It served as a fortress for every survivor out there til November. Her death wish finally came true at the tip of her sword and the last blast of her .44 magnum revolver as she stood against a 3000 zombie horde on the way to the gun shop in Louisville. The gun shop she believed she needed to clear in order to make way to the Delta Facility.

The famous swinging arm finally gave way. The monster was eaten by other monsters.

Among the notable accomplishments:

  1. Clearing West Point of Zombies.
  2. Destroying Wave 1 of Bridge Horde
  3. Destroying Wave 1 of Louisville Horde.
  4. Killing 2 USMC Marines.
  5. Clearing half of Riverside
  6. Clearing the Airfield Hunting Lodge
  7. Finding explosives and M-16s for Ishida's second Rocket Launcher in Louisville.
  8. Looting Chris Burt's Trainyard Library and Armory, and delivering them to the Manor.
  9. Teaching Lisa Gray survival skills necessary to make it in the wild.
  10. Assisting Ishida with gathering vehicles and resources for the burn plan to get through to Delta Facility.
  11. Active duty as county sheriff from April to November 1993.

Marla completed her run with a personal challenge of not being able to climb a rope on her own without assistance of another player.

She has slain an insane number of 17,620 infected, making her the highest kill count amount the original characters.