Mervin Ladigan

Shot by Marla during USMC squad arrival

My name is Mervin Ladigan, you can call me Merv. I'm a Marine Aviator. You have my sympathy, ma'am. After hearing that our briefing's had been a lie, and that not all of you are infected, that you survived here for 7 months... you have my word. I will no longer chase you. Rest easy...

(360.0) "Merv, this is Penny. As expected, Lisa refuses to get on that helicopter. I believe y'know what that means when the squad arrives. As for the rest of us, we ain't gonna sit around patiently and wait for 'em to find us. If you need anythin' to defend yourself from here on out, you let us know, man."

(360.0) "You've made things a lot harder for yourself, and I'd urge you to reconsider, the HQ contacted me and told me to stand by and assist with the search, putting me in a bad position. They are actively using the 907.0 frequency to communicate, and they told me to monitor 93.2 and send updates. I don't like your chances, or mine, against a team of those guys. They are designated Bravo Team, and Bravo Leader outranks me, being a captain. Anything he tells me to do is a direct order, and disobeying those is just as well a death sentence."

(360.0) “Sorry, sir. I appreciate the proper pickle this puts ya in, and rest assured, if there was a peaceful way outta this, I’d be first to choose it. I wish there was a way to ensure that you and I could shake hands on it, but the little lady changin’ her mind jus’ ain’t gonna happen. You can comply with your C.O.’s orders to find the girl, but I’m certain y’ain’t gonna pull it off in time. We ain’t gonna blame you if you keep your head down while this all blows over. Y’also gotta un’erstand, that we’re done with runnin’ and hidin’. We’re probably better off dead than livin’ in fear o’ USMC or UN or whoever else feels the need to hound us. They’re badass and outnumber us, but we got the home turf advantage. And Lisa, well, she’s family now. Used the ‘L’ word quite strongly in expressin’ her feelin’s with us. So unless you got enough Valium to put out ten horses AND ya lack a conscience for what family does for family, I suggest you undertake some malicious compliance towards your orders and lay low while you search a 100 by 100 foot patch o’ cozy lookin’ real estate. Hear the prices are crazy low right now. Thank you for your kindness.”

A man smokes one of his favorite Nicaraguan cigars, letting the call go silent "A man has to take a stand some day. I know, dad. Semper Fi, always faithful. For my country and my countrymen."

Mervin had nothing else to say to survivors, and he couldn't promise them anything. They kept reaching out, they just wanted assurance that he had their back. But how could he give it? To put himself up against a Black Ops squad... he didn't want any of them near them. To feed them a false sense of security, and go down with them... what inglorious way to die would that be, what would that even matter? No, he'd do it his own way.

Making his way to the airfield, Mervin aimed to confront Bravo Team himself. Unfortunately, a carefully placed bullet from the forest took his life instantly. He was mistaken for another and accidentally shot by Marla.