Oliver Alvarado

Shot by Marla who ambushed him at the Trainyard

"...as far as we are informed, everything down on the ground at the Zone is infected, and the saliva pathogen remains deadly to all of us. Under no circumstances make direct skin to skin physical contact with anyone down there but the Test Subject." "The Target needs to be brought alive and unharmed. I cannot stress that enough...." "...Be on guard. We chose you for this mission for a reason, Captain. Your track records for mission compliance have been exceptional. Nobody, but Test Subject boards your extraction aircraft." "Anyone else who engages you in any attempt to stop your mission is presumed K.O.S. Anyone coming into physical contact with the locals is considered K.O.S. as well. This means you are asked to open fire on former Americans."

Oliver understood his orders. As team leader to Bravo Team, he briefed his team on the relevant details about the exclusion zone, withholding information unnecessary for the extraction. As far as he had known, this would be another simple grab and bag, not unlike he had done back in 87'.

When the chinook approached the LZ, He was first on the line to rappel down to the ground. He wasn't much farther than 10 feet off the ground when the improvised missile from the local militia had hit the helicopter above. Still attached to the rope as the wreck in the sky flung to the ground, he was only barely able to cut the rope before being pulled into the nearby lake with the rest of his doomed crew. His body hit the chain link fence, fracturing his foot, and leaving him surrounded by danger.

Thinking fast, he rushed himself over the fence, and disappeared into the woodland. The pain on his foot was intense, but now was not the time to stop. When he hit the initial fence to the Louisville exclusion zone, he felt he could finally patch up his wounds.

He was left within unfamiliar territory, he was likely outnumbered, he was low on supplies, and his foot had a fractured bone. Despite all of this, he still had orders. He picked through Louisville, killing a few infected along the way, before new orders brought him down south.

Avoiding the roads, he followed the train tracks in an old logging truck he had requisitioned from the local area. Eventually, the tracks lead him directly to Christopher Burt's now abandoned home.

Then the space time continuum got fucked up and he was sucked into the void, taking all his shit with him. The End.