Oswald Stanton

Oswald 'Oz' Stanton did not lose his son to the Apocalypse. He lost him in '85 to a tragic fishing accident. He didn't lose his wife to the Apocalypse either. She left him in '88 for another man, unable to cope with grief. Oswald's house didn't burn and the zombies didn't wreck it. It got foreclosed in '89 for countless debts. So he took whatever he could get out of the deal and put it into buying a sleeping boat, in credit, of course, to live out the only goal he's got left, his life's obsession: The Big One. He's sworn an oath to avenge his son Lewis's death and mount The Big One on his boat cabin wall. Truth be told, Oswald lost everything long before the infection, to his all consuming lust for fishing. Now that every banker in the world has turned into a zombie, he didn't have to pay off his credit anymore. And with property laws eradicated, Oz can now wander the shores of Ohio river, stalking his hated, coveted eight finned adversary, and the apocalypse be damned!