Penny Arnold

A plucky law student from a wealthy family, Penny was vacationing for the holidays with her fiance, Harry, in Kentucky. They had returned from NY to celebrate with old friends and family back home. After a drunken bender with friends at a New Year's Eve house party in West Point where everything was right with the world, she jolted awake with the worst fucking hangover, only to find Harry chewing on her childhood friend's face. The place was trashed, but not like after a wild party. More like after someone had thrown everybody else into a woodchipper. Before it sank in what was really happening, Harry lunged at her, and she ran. Didn't even feel the pain when the glass broke and cut her flesh. And she ran, and ran, and ran. She only stopped running when the sound of snow crunching underfoot drowned out the beating of her heart, and the frozen tears staining her face with the running mascara had dried up.

Height: 5'7" / 170 cm Weight: 151 lbs. / 68 kg D.o.b.: August 29th, 1966 (27 y.o.) Blood type: A negative

"She is an optimist on the outside, and a pessimist on the inside." —Tatsuya Ishida