Ruby Reece

RIP Detective Ruby Reece. A life claimed not by the undead, but the old faulty flooring. A decorated and proper undead slayer and Muldraugh cleaner, Ruby was decisive, short spoken, rough around the edges, and no doubt troubled by trauma of the apocalypse. Her default mode of meeting people was to aim a gun and command to freeze and hands up. She killed an astonishing 1014 zombies, favored firearms, and fell off the roof of the old warehouse she settled in during night watch, and broke her back. It was gravity and choice of location that ultimately slain the brave police officer. She did not turn into an infected, and her body remains clean in death. Muldraugh is lost again. Resistance against the undead failed in this part of the county. It is void of gasoline and overrun again. West Point survivors continue resistance. Turning the nightmarish hot spot into a safe community. With half of West Point under survivor control, there is still a lot to go. Ruby was the last owner of Bella Burton's radio van dish, having taken it from Marla's premise after Elizabeth disappeared off the air. Where ever Ruby died, is where the van was seen last?