Shiro Nagai

Sacrificed himself in a Dark Ritual

During the grueling six months starting with New Year and ending in the late days of June, Shiro Nagai has undergone the most horror inducing and subtle transformation, that seeped into the nightmares of every survivor who has come in contact with his work. There are two ways to go about it. Either Dr. Nagai has suffered a serious psychotic afflicted following the traumatic episodes of losing his family's loss in a prior volcano incident, OR he has truly come into contact with a supernatural and dangerous entity known as Shiryo Mother. Through the months, he secluded himself in various remote hideouts and facilities, producing pages and pages of horrific, mad writings, ramblings, and losing stability by the day. Many survivors tried to find and help him, but Shiro was as clever as he was elusive. Misguided or not, Angela Linderman saw scientific method to his occult writings, as if his mind was still that of a scientist, while an occult force or sickness had overcome it. Soon it became apparent that Dr. Nagai was slowly changing into less and less recognizable shape, becoming unhinged, obsessed, and deeply affected by his findings, all culminating in him constructing a dark temple to The Mother, with aim to involve a group of survivors in a rebirth ritual. As Angela Linderman survived a single bite from an infected and beat down the virus, Shiro started referring to her as The Nurse, allocating her a role in his dark game. Angela was once again bitten, and that time, the infection took to her. As she neared the end, she became more invested in Shiro's ritual, hoping to unearth a clue about the vaccine, that might be hidden in the occult research. Ishida, Penny, Angela, and the corpse of deceased Tyler were the four participants in the ritual. They went in with a plan to fake some parts of it and subvert it, although Angela's mind was overtaken midway by some force or condition unknown, which resulted in the ritual going more towards the way Shiro wanted. Doctor Shiro Nagai and Nurse Angela worked together in perfect harmony to bring about the closing of two worlds together - that of the living and the dead. Whether or not the ritual's intended goal has been achieved remains circumspect, however. A deep fog and never-ending cloudiness seems to have permeated the county after their mutual demise. Sober minded and in clarity, they worked in tandem to show the other survivors the cure to all their woes - while in their fugue state sought to seal their fates. Dr. Nagai met his end in the culminating climax of the ritual, a sacrifice by fire. He and Angela were to be The Lovers, given to The Mother as offerings. At the sight of the flames, Angela gained lucidity for a brief moment, deeply affected by the zombification virus already, a final push of her will forced an attempt to stop the ritual, as she produced a pistol hidden in her corset, and put 7 bullets in Dr. Nagai to prevent the sacrificial burning. Although Angela killed him, the fire was set by the spectre of Shiro's dead wife (??), and Shiro (with Angela) perished in the flames.

What the hell, right?

Shiro holds rank #5 in the top 5 survivors, preceded by Angela Linderman by only a few seconds. The two died together.