Ishida Tat

3237 Hours Survived
10691 Zombies Killed

Japanese Salaryman Street Racer. Ishida Tatsuya is the model Japanese citizen- a wealthy salaryman working for one of the largest automotive companies in the world. He was born, as far as he is concerned, in the wrong time- too soon to enjoy the limitless expanse of humanity to the stars. He was born too late to enjoy the incredible car and racing culture that permeated the Tokyo highways and rural mountainsides of the early 1990's. But he was born just in time to come to America and sample its roads, muscle-cars, and long silent stretches of highway where speeding tickets are few and everything in the country is excessive. If he could not enjoy car-culture in Japan, he would try to do so in America. When the initial medical lockdowns occurred, he was stuck in the bible-belt of America. Ishida took it as an opportunity to drive faster cars on even emptier roads. He travelled to all the States with the lowest rates of traffic-tickets, paying his fines from near-limitless corporate finance accounts. Then he hit Kentucky, celebrated New Years in a sports bar, and stumbled back to his hotel. When he awoke, the city was dead. His limitless wealth became worthless. His car had been stolen. All he was equipped with was a poor grasp of the English language, a suitcase of clothes, half a bottle of strawberry blond hair-dye, and his lucky wrench. Now Tatsuya optimistically hopes that if he can just survive the current crisis, he can head West back to the Rising Sun- but not before testing out his drifting skills around the many car-wrecks that dot the otherwise empty highways of Knox County.

In the past, Ishida was a Corporate Raider for Zaibatsu Automotive Industries- a rapidly growing conglomerate bordering on a monopoly of Japanese business. Blackmail, seduction, illicit activity- anything short of murder and assault were the tools the young Suit utilized to increase that ever-coveted market share. He sank his bottomless funds into The Midnight Club, of which he was Primary Chairman and President. He was the silent partner in Porsche Autowerks, the garage which tuned his infamous Black Bird to perfection and made him the Emperor of the Wangan Racing Circuits. He suppressed his humanity during the day to unleash his obsessions at night. For a third of his life, he chased after a Ghost- the 'Golden Fairlady.' His chance encounter with that car on the Kyushu coast a decade ago shaped everything in Ishida's life- including the fated second encounter with the Fairlady and his vacation to the United States. Now, after months of surviving with those native to Kentucky, he has replaced one obsession with several others. What is love except an obsession that never dies? Now he is an erudite mechanic, foster-parent to a lost teen, and a future father. Prior experiences have caused him to develop combat-aversion indoors. Despite what all the other may say about the infection, military involvement, science, and medicine, Ishida remains a deeply superstitious lady-loving street racer that cannot help but think that Shinto Kami have made their way to America, too.