Tyler Rexford

1149 Hours Survived
1837 Zombies Killed

Tyler died as he lived. Wild, unruly, unbalanced, and untamed. He had no plan and no method in life nor in death. Raw talent, which had to be guided by others. The first follower. Exceptionally skilled with many useful tools, he himself was the exceptional tool. Pointed and directed by anyone other than himself, he achieved greatness and never took credit. King of the Sidelines. His last moments were in a poorly planned battle defending a lady he wasn't into during a romantic date he didn't want to go on. And such an epic demise is no sneeze to accomplish. What a day, first you learn that your crush got knocked up by your friend, a few hours later you're dead.

Be it as it may, Tyler died better than many, protecting Marla Murdoch's life during their improvised date night to Riverside. There truly wasn't a thing that Tyler was not part of. He's visited every major hideout, and most people benefited from his help. An expertly master carpenter, he's helped build and fortify many compounds, including Rob Langdon's lodge and Marla Murdoch's home. Ask any survivor out there, Tyler had a hand in their life.

After his demise, Marla Murdoch went back home, distraught and broken. She ripped up the beautiful blue dress she wore for the date, cut off her hair, and, once equipped and recovered by her friends from a suicide attempt, went back to Riverside to retrieve Tyler's body. To get to him, she cut out a good section of the Riverside infected, but by the time she got there, Tyler was already one of them. After attempting to communicate with Tyler and touch him, Marla realized that the man only wants to gnaw on her crotch in a feral manner. So, she had to incapacitate him permanently.

A week after dying, the King of Jokes had one last role to play. Friends kept his body in his red corvette back at the Murdoch Manor. For Dr. Shiro's ritual, Tyler's body was brought along to play the role of the Jester, where his final contribution to the sealing of the worlds was made. Despite the unassuming personality, and his propensity to make awkward jokes, earning himself the Jester title in Shiro's ritual, Tyler was quite the competent warrior, having killed a staggering 1052 infected, and lasting for 6 months, claiming the #7 survivor rank in the top 7.