Rest in Peace

Angela Linderman

Despite Angela's initial lack of preparatory skills, clumsiness, and poor personal organization abilities, she outlived several uncareful survivors, and all other contacted nurse practitioners, including those with better skills and qualifications. She placed a deadly bullet into Elijah London, resulting in becoming his slayer. Since then, Angela bandaged countless wounds and helped survivors through these hard months. Few can claim to not have had her hands laid on their ailing bodies. Through sheer charisma, discipline, knowledge of medical arts, and obsession with cleanliness and order, Angela masked her personal poor skills and convinced many survivors in her competence. Doctor Shiro Nagai believes her to be a mystically touched persona with supernatural resilience, due to her claimed immunity to a bite of an infected. A theory yet to be tested through time, although her chances are not looking good...

Angela did surprisingly well til early April, she was the last surviving nurse, dedicated, professional, and compensated for her lacking traits and vulnerabilities with extra caution. She was sensitive to weather and disease, so always tried to dress well, she was disorganized, so she planned bigger spaces. Having very thin skin and fine complection, she avoided heavy combat, and used scouting methods and stealth to get around the woods and the cities. Never the less, developing skills with a pistol and a police baton, she put down a very impressive and formidable amount of 763 infected. Angela set up several medical relief clinics, in every survivor camp she visited. Finding an in tact ambulance car with a key, she acted as a mobile and field nurse for a while, and started medical charts for all survivors. She affected many, and tried to teach everyone good self care and hygene. She taught Tyler about confidence, told Ishida to quit smoking, told Marla to go easy on the drinking, and tried to work with Chris and Penny on their issues. Not everyone agreed with the uptight and authoritative nurse, but as the only long surviving nurse, she patched up wounds like nobody else could, and gained a good amount of respect from others, even being referred to as Angela-sensei. A teacher.

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Bella Burton

Ms. Burton is a journalist with Kentucky Tribune, doing an analysis colulmn as a first correspondent on the Muldraugh outbreak. Working out of the privacy of the small home, she takes precautions against the infection, but realizing she may be immune, is starting to take cautious trips out to the store to sustain herself. A few hours in, she realizes that life as she knows it is over, and she may be very well all alone. How can she find other people, tell her story, and who will even care? Is it all over now?

Not having managed to supply herself properly for the hard winter of cursed pandemic ahead, Bella ran out of food and clean water and had to go foraging with her limited experience about edible things in the forest and wild surroundings. The tainted water, combined with a weak stomach, panic, a lack of an axe to cut wood with, and simply getting lost, was what ultimately did her in. Desperate, not having found anything to eat in the woods, Bella ventured to the city in blind hunger, abandoning caution. She did not prevail against a group of infected, once that swinging arm got tired and the feet could barely walk.

The journalist got to tell a story after all. A cautionary one, about being prepared. In her last minutes of life she spotted a radio van, which she was able to start and drive for as long as her body let her, attempting to reach other survivors on a broadband frequency. It is through Bella's tragic death and sacrifice, that the radio van Elizabeth used - got out of the hands of the infected who'd overrun Muldraugh.

Bella's legacy bridged the other survivors together and her mission was continued by those after her.

Marla Murdoch

Those who knew Marla Murdoch (nee' Bandman) will recall her as a legend. She was described a self appointed sheriff, an iron widow, a demon of West Point, a femme fatale, a hurricane, a samurai, other things. Above all, she was a faithful widow and a loyal friend.

Marla's friends will recall her entertaining guests, pouring wine by the fountains full, lounging in the lawn chairs, playing old biker songs on a guitar and Mozart on piano, telling stories about horses and old ranch life, remembering the Knox County locals and old timers of the past days. She knew everyone from judge to commissioner through her late fire marshal and later on sheriff husband Stanford and his father Randolph. and had stories about every one.

Marla's friends will also recall a methodical, decisive, ruthless zombie slayer, stubborn and void of hesitation, confident in her abilities, and a capable survivor, master herbalist, and expert stalker. By night and by day, she was out patrolling the county and the forest areas, stacking up corpses by the thousands, talented with knives, a sword, revolver, shotgun, and rifle. Hell, any item or tool became a weapon in the Iron Widow's hands. She drove through the county in her husband's black 1989 Corvette Stingray, and many swallowed hard and said their 'uh-oh's when she put on her hat and started that engine, zooming out of the garage to bring death somewhere.

Marla's friends will also remember a bandaged up bruised and bleeding mess, spending days and days on end covered in wounds in the medical bay, crying, drinking herself to sleep, staring at herself in near suicidal drunken stupor in the mirror, nude in the privacy of her lavish room, masturbating with a cold barrel of a revolver, fantasizing about being with her husband again.

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Mervin Ladigan

My name is Mervin Ladigan, you can call me Merv. I'm a Marine Aviator. You have my sympathy, ma'am. After hearing that our briefing's had been a lie, and that not all of you are infected, that you survived here for 7 months... you have my word. I will no longer chase you. Rest easy...

(360.0) "Merv, this is Penny. As expected, Lisa refuses to get on that helicopter. I believe y'know what that means when the squad arrives. As for the rest of us, we ain't gonna sit around patiently and wait for 'em to find us. If you need anythin' to defend yourself from here on out, you let us know, man."

(360.0) "You've made things a lot harder for yourself, and I'd urge you to reconsider, the HQ contacted me and told me to stand by and assist with the search, putting me in a bad position. They are actively using the 907.0 frequency to communicate, and they told me to monitor 93.2 and send updates. I don't like your chances, or mine, against a team of those guys. They are designated Bravo Team, and Bravo Leader outranks me, being a captain. Anything he tells me to do is a direct order, and disobeying those is just as well a death sentence."

(360.0) “Sorry, sir. I appreciate the proper pickle this puts ya in, and rest assured, if there was a peaceful way outta this, I’d be first to choose it. I wish there was a way to ensure that you and I could shake hands on it, but the little lady changin’ her mind jus’ ain’t gonna happen. You can comply with your C.O.’s orders to find the girl, but I’m certain y’ain’t gonna pull it off in time. We ain’t gonna blame you if you keep your head down while this all blows over. Y’also gotta un’erstand, that we’re done with runnin’ and hidin’. We’re probably better off dead than livin’ in fear o’ USMC or UN or whoever else feels the need to hound us. They’re badass and outnumber us, but we got the home turf advantage. And Lisa, well, she’s family now. Used the ‘L’ word quite strongly in expressin’ her feelin’s with us. So unless you got enough Valium to put out ten horses AND ya lack a conscience for what family does for family, I suggest you undertake some malicious compliance towards your orders and lay low while you search a 100 by 100 foot patch o’ cozy lookin’ real estate. Hear the prices are crazy low right now. Thank you for your kindness.”

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Shiro Nagai

During the grueling six months starting with New Year and ending in the late days of June, Shiro Nagai has undergone the most horror inducing and subtle transformation, that seeped into the nightmares of every survivor who has come in contact with his work. There are two ways to go about it. Either Dr. Nagai has suffered a serious psychotic afflicted following the traumatic episodes of losing his family's loss in a prior volcano incident, OR he has truly come into contact with a supernatural and dangerous entity known as Shiryo Mother. Through the months, he secluded himself in various remote hideouts and facilities, producing pages and pages of horrific, mad writings, ramblings, and losing stability by the day. Many survivors tried to find and help him, but Shiro was as clever as he was elusive. Misguided or not, Angela Linderman saw scientific method to his occult writings, as if his mind was still that of a scientist, while an occult force or sickness had overcome it. Soon it became apparent that Dr. Nagai was slowly changing into less and less recognizable shape, becoming unhinged, obsessed, and deeply affected by his findings, all culminating in him constructing a dark temple to The Mother, with aim to involve a group of survivors in a rebirth ritual. As Angela Linderman survived a single bite from an infected and beat down the virus, Shiro started referring to her as The Nurse, allocating her a role in his dark game. Angela was once again bitten, and that time, the infection took to her. As she neared the end, she became more invested in Shiro's ritual, hoping to unearth a clue about the vaccine, that might be hidden in the occult research. Ishida, Penny, Angela, and the corpse of deceased Tyler were the four participants in the ritual. They went in with a plan to fake some parts of it and subvert it, although Angela's mind was overtaken midway by some force or condition unknown, which resulted in the ritual going more towards the way Shiro wanted.

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Tyler Rexford

Tyler died as he lived. Wild, unruly, unbalanced, and untamed. He had no plan and no method in life nor in death. Raw talent, which had to be guided by others. The first follower. Exceptionally skilled with many useful tools, he himself was the exceptional tool. Pointed and directed by anyone other than himself, he achieved greatness and never took credit. King of the Sidelines. His last moments were in a poorly planned battle defending a lady he wasn't into during a romantic date he didn't want to go on. And such an epic demise is no sneeze to accomplish. What a day, first you learn that your crush got knocked up by your friend, a few hours later you're dead.

Be it as it may, Tyler died better than many, protecting Marla Murdoch's life during their improvised date night to Riverside. There truly wasn't a thing that Tyler was not part of. He's visited every major hideout, and most people benefited from his help. An expertly master carpenter, he's helped build and fortify many compounds, including Rob Langdon's lodge and Marla Murdoch's home. Ask any survivor out there, Tyler had a hand in their life.

After his demise, Marla Murdoch went back home, distraught and broken. She ripped up the beautiful blue dress she wore for the date, cut off her hair, and, once equipped and recovered by her friends from a suicide attempt, went back to Riverside to retrieve Tyler's body. To get to him, she cut out a good section of the Riverside infected, but by the time she got there, Tyler was already one of them. After attempting to communicate with Tyler and touch him, Marla realized that the man only wants to gnaw on her crotch in a feral manner. So, she had to incapacitate him permanently.

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Alfred Virmer

Captain Virmer was found dead with a gunshot wound, orders he could not comply with, and a comms device with military frequencies. Virmer was key to unearthing the USMC interest in the Knox County area and the first clue to Patient Zero.

June Miles

June was surrounded by the infected in West Point and called for help. Marla Murdoch received the signal, came to the rescue, and intended to drive June to her home. June insisted on coming back for her ammunition in the abandoned car, and suggested to blast their way out. Marla, warned her against using guns in the city, but eventually, reluctantly, agreed, but the very first group of infected overwhelmed them, and June, who rushed ahead, was swiftly devoured and turned, leaving Marla to retreat.

Ruby Reece

RIP Detective Ruby Reece. A life claimed not by the undead, but the old faulty flooring. A decorated and proper undead slayer and Muldraugh cleaner, Ruby was decisive, short spoken, rough around the edges, and no doubt troubled by trauma of the apocalypse. Her default mode of meeting people was to aim a gun and command to freeze and hands up. She killed an astonishing 1014 zombies, favored firearms, and fell off the roof of the old warehouse she settled in during night watch, and broke her back. It was gravity and choice of location that ultimately slain the brave police officer. She did not turn into an infected, and her body remains clean in death. Muldraugh is lost again. Resistance against the undead failed in this part of the county. It is void of gasoline and overrun again. West Point survivors continue resistance. Turning the nightmarish hot spot into a safe community. With half of West Point under survivor control, there is still a lot to go.

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Shana Reece

Shana Reece got wounded in a car accident. With a broken arm and several deep cuts she reached a nearby village. Nothing seemed familiar in this place. As she took a rest to treat her wounds and check her health, her mind almost passed away. Suddenly some infected came out of the dark from both sides. Shane took her machete in her healthy hand and fought slashed through the dead meat around her. But one came from behind, out of the freezing dark and bit her neck. The pain made her stop for second, she looked up to the sky, snow touched her face and in the next moment she passed away, covered in blood.