Support the Project

I'm BlayTheNinth, responsible for hosting the infrastructure and developing custom mods to push the boundaries of our next seasons.

The Project Zomboid server is a joint effort by a small team of seasoned roleplayers, all of which are volunteers.

If you would like to help the project financially, you can do so using the means below.

One-time payment, no account needed
Monthly Subscription

Where does the money go?

All money raised goes to Blay's pockets, where it is used to pay for the server that runs this website and the Project Zomboid server.

The monthly cost of the hosting is about $60 (which is shared across other projects running on the same server).

Do I get anything in return?

No, the server will always stay free and keep running even if no one contributes. This is completely optional, and there are no ingame or out of game benefits associated.

Note: The perks listed in the Patreon tiers are Minecraft-related and will not have any effect within the Project Zomboid community.